Wellness Workshop for LifeWorks 9/26/15

We had an amazing day yesterday working with Life Works. We were able to provide a 30-minute acupuncture, massage, and facial to about 10 people that were selected to have their apartments organized and remodeled. The Aloe Foundation went to the hotel where these individuals spent one night and provided services while they waited to return and see their new homes. These young men and women have experienced homelessness, gang violence, domestic violence, and more. While nervous at first to try each service (especially acupuncture), every single person received each service and loved them! They reported feeling more relaxed than ever, peaceful, and happy.

Thank you Life Works for a wonderful opportunity for the Aloe Foundation. We feel so lucky to have a partnership with you! Thank you also to all the volunteers and especially Jennifer Hancock for coming and taking photos of the event!

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Posted in News on 10/22/2015 11:00 am