Russell Smith

“When my wife Elizabeth was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma in 2011, we were inundated with offers of meals, childcare and the like, all of which were certainly needed and appreciated. However, one of our close friends, Tracy Bethel, said ‘I can’t cook, but I want to do something else for Elizabeth.’ And so began what would be a very important part of Elizabeth’s management of her disease and the effects of treatments over her final years.

Elizabeth was aggressively treated for her disease with both conventional and experimental treatments of immunotherapy, radiation and chemotherapy. Almost immediately, she developed severe and often times painful rashes to the drugs and treatments. Like clockwork after these treatments, we could soon expect a call from Tracy urging Elizabeth to come to her studio to let Tracy ‘work on her’.

Whether it was a facial, acupuncture or massage, Elizabeth always felt pampered when she needed it most. Cancer treatment is a time of great stress and patients are often times left in a very fragile state, both physically and mentally. Being able to escape the clinical hospital environment and be in a place where she felt she was doing something good for her body and mind was invaluable for Elizabeth.”

– Russell Smith

Posted in Testimonials on 09/09/2015 08:20 pm